Rabbi Jonathan Porath



--Bar and Bat Mitzvah Ceremonies, with personalized attention and contact with the families and the celebrant before arriving in Israel [see below for recent recommendation]

--Friday evening "A Rabbi's Tish", with songs, stories, personal reflections, and audience participation; celebrating the spirit and warmth of Shabbat evening in Jerusalem [held at the visitor's hotel].

--Shabbat afternoon "Seudah Shlesheet", similar program as above, on Shabbat afternoon; more of a reflective mood echoing the conclusion of a lovely Shabbat in Jerusalem; concluding with Havdala [depending on the season of the year].

--Shabbat daytime walking tours, current suggested itinerary goes from Yemin Moshe through Jaffa Gate, Walking the Old City Walls to Zion Gate , through the Jewish Quarter, and concluding at the Kotel [for the end of Shabbat Havdala ceremony, depending on the season...]; walking the streets of the Holy City through the eyes of a son of Jerusalem (Rabbi Porath's father was the 4th generation of his family to be born in Jerusalem).

--Shabbat Shiyurim/Talmudic textual study and discussion in the spirit of Shabbat, including:

--"How to Be a Mentsh: Practical Steps for Instilling Jewish Values"
--"The Life and Death of Rabbi Akiva: A Hero For Our Time"
--"When Will the Mashiach Come and What Can We Do To Bring Him/Her?"

--Shabbat Scholar/Rabbi in Residence [full program]—Erev Shabbat visit to the Kotel; Shabbat dinner together; Friday evening "Tish" or discussion; Shabbat Shiyur/textual discussion; Shabbat walk ending up at the Kotel for Havada [depending upon the season].

--Lectures and talks [weekdays or Shabbat], including:

-"All of Jewish History from Abraham Until the Present Day in One Hour [with special emphasis on Israel]"
-"Leaving Home and Coming Home: A Quarter of a Century on Aliyah to Israel"
-"175 Visits to the Jews of Russia and Welcoming Them Home to Israel"

--VISIT TO THE VALLEY OF THE COMMUNITIES AT YAD VASHEM--a fascinating excursion to the "hidden secret" of Yad Vashem; a walking visit to the Jewish communities destroyed by the Shoah, country by country, with background, history and personal stories. Not to be missed! [as featured in the above picture]

"On our Bar-Mitzvah day, Rabbi Porath created an environment at the Kotel which was both spiritual and fun. The Rabbi's warm and open approach to all attendees was great to see as we celebrated the most awesome day of our son's life."

Russel and Family

- - - - - - - - - - - -

"A very big thank you for making our son's Bar Mitzvah so special. Your love, warmth and passion helped us navigate through this auspicious occasion with such ease and comfort, knowing that we were in the best of hands.

You found us a wonderful spot at The Kotel, you guided us through a lovely ceremony in a mixture of both English and Hebrew accommodating our friends and relatives, you included my husband and myself, as well as our younger son in the service, ensuring that we all had a role to play, but most importantly, you handled our Bar Mitzvah son beautifully, and allowed him to be relaxed enough to give of his Jewish Best!

It was the best decision we made, to have our son's Bar Mitzvah in Israel instead of South Africa, and this trip has already surpassed out wildest dreams for the experiences and memories we wanted to give the boys."

Kindest regards,

Lisa and Paul

CONTACT Rabbi Porath at:   jporath1@gmail.com   or 011-972-54-4979589 (in Jerusalem)

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